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Monday – Sunday | 11:30am -10:30pm


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100% fresh high-quality seafood with a Szechuan twist

[ Located in Lower East Side, NYC ]


Sup Crab embellishes the Lower East Side of Manhattan by providing authentic Cajun boiled lobster, crab, shrimp, crawfish, and outstanding Szechuan dishes. The dining area is bedazzled with East-meets-West décor. Enjoy your meal with a backdrop of coastal prints and signs arranged on our walls that reflect our goal to offer the best seafood in the area. While eating, enjoy the delightful arrangement of plant decorations that freshen up the atmosphere while listening to our varied selection of music dedicated to creating a sociable dining environment for you.

Our seafood boils are prepared with a variety of distinct flavors such as Spicy Cajun(辣味卡津), Flaming Ghost Street(簋街), Chili Oil Braise(油烂), and our unique 13 Herbal Spice Sauce(十三香). There is a diverse assortment of lobsters(龙虾), snow crab legs(雪蟹腿), Maryland crabs(马里兰蟹), crawfish(鲜活小龙虾), cuttlefish(墨鱼仔), coral shrimp(珊瑚虾), and more to add to your preferred boil taste. Our seafood plates such as Sup King Crab steamed with garlic butter (帝王蟹三吃)and Crawfish Meat Over Noodles (小龙虾盖面)present our original Szechuan taste to accompany the Gulf coastal seafood boil. Not only do we serve savory seafood, but we also provide our Chef Special Red-Braised Pork(毛氏红烧肉), Eggplant with Salted Yolk Sauce(金沙茄子), and special kabobs(串串香). We serve the best Chongqing Popcorn Chicken(重庆辣子鸡) in New York that will open up your appetite for your other orders with its savory aroma and spiced deliciousness. We hope you enjoy our diverse and thoughtfully prepared cuisines.



97 Bowery, New York, NY 10002

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