Why Franchise With Sup Crab?

Sup Crab is offering diligent entrepreneurs the opportunity to prosper through an exciting franchise concept. At Sup Crab, we are dedicated to offer a unique dining experience through distinct flavored Seafood boil and exceptional customer service. Our brand utilizes professional online outreach to share our mission and update our customers on innovative seafood cuisine. If you would like to join our amazing brand, team, and family, contact us.


Distinct Flavor - Cajun with a szechuan twist

Sup Crab differs itself from any other cajun seafood boil restaurants by offering a variety of original oriental flavors like Flaming Ghost (簋街) & 13 Herbal Spice (十三香). We aim to cater to seafood lovers around the world — East meets West, reinventing the taste of seafood boil. Sup Crab does not only offer specialty seasoned seafood boil, but also include a few flavorful Chinese dishes into the Franchise Menu, such as Chongqing Popcorn Chicken, Crawfish Noodles, and salted egg yolk seafood.


Professional Branding

Sup Crab’s social media engagement streamlined the franchise to successful branding. The use of professional media production and engaging advertisement facilitate new franchise’s quick success by capturing the unique dining experience through images, videos, and descriptive writing. We’ll work with you closely to ensure the grand opening is successful. And in the long term, spread the story of magnificent food and hospitable staff service of your location.


efficient Training

We are committed to ensure that employees go through the proper and simple training that allows them to prepare meals efficiently. Our franchise menu is designed to streamline the cooking process and quick services.

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